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THE SANGLIER JUMPED OVER THE MOON, Les Abat-Jours & yet more Angels

...and the Hare did too, but as you can see, the Goose flew...

Jodie Tucker - Expo - Chateau Saint Catherine - Montbron

Lamps, Plants, Cushions, Screens, Fabric
Back view of La Galerie

Large Floral Painting

Jodie Tucker, Bermudian Artist*


Jodie Tucker, resident artist at Chateau Sainte Catherine, has transformed La Galerie into a "Fantasie Salon" for her current one woman show, which runs till end of August.

Interspersed with the paintings are hand painted screens, lampshades, cushions and fabric.  Her creations also include prints and cards taken from her original designs. My photos do not do the show justice.  Come see for yourself!

Detail Large Floral

The salon-like atmosphere is enhanced by the gorgeous bamboo and floral arrangements installed by Christophe from Parc Colonial** (see below, info for visiting the Parc)   

Christophe - Parc Colonial**    Photo by Jodie Tucker

La Galerie Sainte Catherine - On the route to Montbron


  LES ABAT-JOURS (The Lampshades)

In July, Jodie held a lampshade making course in her garden at Charras.  It was a magical day - I took a few photos; les abat-jours were everywhere, growing from trees and springing from the ground & beneath people's hands.  



End of Day
If you are "turned on" or "lit up" by the idea of making your own lampshade, there's a second chance on August 22nd.  Jodie will be offering another course in her atelier at Chateau Sainte Catherine.

Jodie Tucker Atelier - Chateau Sainte Catherine

The day will begin at 10 a.m. with a welcome tea or coffee and homemade biscuits, followed by a demonstration by Jodie. You will select your material and 2 - 3 hours later, you have created your own bespoke 12" lampshade.  The price of this course is 40 euros per person and is limited to 6 people, all materials are included. Please contact the chateau on 05 45 23 60 03 or Email:
You can also visit the website at

Below is the lampshade Jodie made for my last Gemini Birthday. She used my photo from the series I have been working on (inspired by Angela Voss and Carrie Paris), "The Secret Life of Statues." 

The photo in front of the books is of my mother as a young girl. I've been trying to bring her back into my soul in a new mother staring out into the moment, not knowing what lay ahead, not seeing the 4 somebodies growing inside her -  the seeds and sway of her life - a mystery yet to unfold. 


Angels DO exist!
believe me, I know, I
can see one standing in the
doorway right now; this is not an
flight of fancy, I swear it is a
genuine card carrying
heart-beating angel, and if
I can see it, so can you.
John O' Donohue said we are all
knocking on Heaven's Door, even when the
lights are out and the
moon is hiding behind the clouds.
Nothing can stop
our Guardian angel from
protecting us,
quietly, while
rearranging the furniture so we don't trip on the
stairway to Heaven,
tucking us in at night
under a sky studded with starry cousins
visible to anyone
willing to look hard enough to see their
xylem and their
yearning to save us from ourselves,
Zany as this all might sound.

 RA Martin
From Jodie Tucker Exhibition

*You can see more of Jodie's work on her website:

* *PARC COLONIAL DE CHARRAS in Grosbot is now open on Wed. and Sunday afternoons for tea and tour of the gardens and purchase of plants.  There will also be Open Days in the garden on September 6th and 7th.  

Christophe in Bamboo Forest - Parc Colonial

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