Friday, May 31, 2013

THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON: A piece for lunatics

"The motion of the soul is circular"  - Plotinus
from "Green Man, Earth Angel" - Tom Cheetham


Oh, that Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on the 25th of May....    Hang on Sloopy!                             
May 25, 2013

 “Everyman is a moon and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody"
              Mark Twain

Clair de Lune Espagnol, France 1909 - 2 minute film

Broken hearted Pedro leaves a boisterous cafe after a jealous quarrel with his sweetheart and is picked up by a flying machine that takes him to the moon.  Pedro and the Moon battle and after Pedro is given a pardon by three stars, he is dropped back to earth into the arms of his sweetheart who is glad to see him.  
                               Synopsis -  Clair de Lune Espagnol -  Emile Cohl, Director

You can watch the film on YouTube, totally fun, worth 2 minutes of lunacy. 

Three Stars Tattoo by Chances

O na hôkû no na kiu o ka lani - Hawaiian proverb
                            The STARS are the SPIES of Heaven 

Pink Floyd's 1973 album, "Dark Side of the Moon", original concept had to do with the pressures of modern life, travel, money etc., but turned into a "meditation on insanity". 

Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd, analysis Vincent Amendolare
I was never a fan of their music, but I like some of their lyrics, especially the first & last two cuts: 

Breathe"...and all you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be..."

Brain Damage:"...the lunatic is on the grass, the lunatic is on the grass, remembering games and daisy chains and laughs, got to keep the loonies on the path."

Eclipse (Waters): "All that you touch, And all that you see, All that you taste, All you feel, And all that you love, And all that you hate...And all that you slight, And everyone you fight, And all that is now, And all that is gone, And all that's to come, And everything under the sun is in time, But the sun is eclipsed by the Moon."

For the past month from eclipse to eclipse, I've felt a bit like a LUNATIC (and I'm not alone!). But lunatic doesn't mean the same thing in french. It just means "moody."  In our little village the French refer to our Deputy Maire as a "lunatic".  I took french lessons from him for about a year & have to agree.  Tres moody! He spoke no English, had an Occitan accent I could barely understand...maybe that is what made him so moody.                                                                                                                                                                     
Lunar eclipses are disturbing to peace of mind, affecting the emotions like a slippery eel swimming inside the chambers of your heart. But they are also cosmic opportunities. The eclipse closes a phase, endings are inevitable, but that means there can be new beginnings.

"When Jaguars ate the Moon: and Other Stories"

Beaucoup de mythology surrounding lunar eclipses. The Egyptians believed that the moon was being swallowed by a sow for a short period of time.  The  Mayans believed that a Jaguar ate the Moon. Hati in Norse mythology was a wolf who swallowed the moon. Some thought the moon had been eaten by a dragon and in certain cultures, the moon was being swallowed by demons. They believed that curses and throwing stones would bring the moon back and rid the night sky of the demons.

Maria Cristina Brusca & Tona Wilson - 1995

  "So the self under the eye, lies
                                                                                        attendant and withdrawn" --

Sarah Moon

If your birthday is today make a wish upon your "Pole" (North) STAR

Tiffany Mays

It is said that those born on the 31st of the month ruled by the number 4 (3+1=4) and the planet Uranus, can be difficult to fathom.  They can have a propensity for sudden and explosive changes in mood.  Their tarot card is "The Emperor", stable and wise, but sometimes stubborn and tyrannical.

Look your emotional problems square in the eye.  Soften the hard edge when you can.  Avoid arguments, they are just a waste of your energy. Drop all Self-Doubt & expect to have a good time, "remembering games and daisy chains and laughs"...

Joyeux Anniversaire - Be a LUNATIC!

George Kelly of G. Kelly Pie & Mash Shop - Eel Pie Island, London

Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon

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